Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was a soaping day...

Today started off going to the barn with Iz...which is always fun and always good for my horsey fix. Then this afternoon I decided to make a couple of batches of soap.  I am participating in a 'sample box' program next month for the first time...hoping it might create some more outside that was one reason for soaping today.  The other reason just to try out some different things.

Last month I had made an unscented Honey & Oats batch, which has become my favorite soap for the last month.  I love its natural, nutty scent!!  So yummy!!!  Anyway...seeing how I have used pretty much the entire batch myself (I have given a few away for some gifts that I sent to people), I figured I would try and make another batch.  This one I did a little differently...mostly since the first batch ended up volcanoing out of the mold...this time I tried 'rtcp' (room temperature cold process)...hoping to avoid the whole volcanoing affect.  Seems to have come out ok so far...

The second batch I also did 'rtcp' as well.  This one is a Blueberry Crunch batch...the picture is actual "Blueberry Crunch" desert...which looks yummy!!  (This is why I soap...cause what I really want to do is bake...but then I am the only one who eats it!)  It was the first batch that I have used titanium dioxide and some micas (colorants).  I just had some sampler packs from Brambleberry so just used a little bit of it isn't like 'blueberry blue'...more of just a hint of blue.  And it is probably more layered than again will have to wait and see til I unmold them and cut them.  I did really like the consistency of this batch though...was almost whipped like...was able to do more of a textured top...course then I decided to sprinkle the top with oatmeal (that would be the crunch part)...but it was very swirly-textured-y.

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