Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BESTeam Feature - Pecanieregirl

This week's BESTeam feature I am so excited to do!  Both my sisters are pregnant and due September/October time...and there are so many cute things in this shop I can't help but be drawn to the adorable baby items.  Of course there are other items too...you will just have to come and check out this shop for yourselves to find something adorable for you.

Welcome to Gramme's House run by Pecanieregirl. This little shop has a little of everything. For the sweet babies, infants and toddlers in your life, there are dresses, little boy's jon-jons, bibs, ribbons, hair bows, and diaper bags. Looking for a gift for an adult, check out the key fobs, badge holders, koozies, purse organizers, and kleenex tissue holders. If you want to organize yourself, check out the section titled "Organizers." There are also great gifts for wedding parties and showers!!

Pecanieregirl is a mother and grandmother. She lives in a small community in south Louisiana called Livonia. She is a hospice nurse and works for an in-patient hospice. She learned to sew from her older sister years ago, and sewed quite a bit when her children were younger. She has recently started sewing and machine embroidery again, and is now hopelessly hooked.  She loves making boutique style dresses, baby items and even has her hand in digital and paper scrapbooking.

I couldn't help but choose this first item as I just got a text from one of my sisters yesterday saying they are having a boy!!  So this just may have to come home with me!

Infant onesie or t-shirt with tie applique by pecanieregirl on Etsy
 And then there are adorable little sets both for boys and girls...
Personalized Short Sleeve Lap-T/ Diaper Cover Set with multi color train applique

Personalized Frill Tshirt-bloomer set with lollipop applique and your choice of large letter or number applique
And then there are little dresses and jon-jons.....and diaper and burp cloths....bags and totes for all kinds of baby things....pacifier clips and hair things and oh so many baby things.  Yes, I have babies on the brain....but this shop doesn't help much since there are so many cute things!!

She does also have things for adults too....

Personalized canvas tote/book bag - Pink with green polka dots

Personalized Waffle Jewelry Roll

Personalized mini key fob - Hot pink polka dot ribbon with black webbing

I could go on and on and on....so much cuteness all in one shop!  But you are just going to have to go and check it out for yourselves.  With over 200 items for sale you are bound to find something you like or that someone you know would like!

And if you go to her shop and Facebook 'like 5 items' in her shop, you can be entered for a chance to win a personalized tote bag!  Visit her blog at http://pecanieregirl.blogspot.com/ to see the detail for her giveaway.

Now I am off to go 'like' some of her items....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BESTeam Feature - On Behalf Of

This week's feature is on a very special shop run by a very special person, Kate. 

Kate loves seeing the world through her own eyes, and she would rather live for others than live for herself.  She believes our world system has enabled a small percent of us to live richly, lacking nothing, while the majority of beautiful people lack even the basic necessities in life. She regrets and is sorry that she is a part of the priveleged minority... but her heart and the aim of her life is to do what she can in fighting this injustice, and helping those in her society to see that. Now that she has seen these injustices, she feel responsible to do something about it.   And this is her way of helping even out the odds of the injustices in our world.
Ninety percent of the proceeds from each item in her shop goes to to providing clean water in developing countries; to free modern day slaves; to care for orphans, or provide medical help to those with HIV. This shop was created on behalf of them.

She believes in using beauty to fight back against the ugliness in our world, and fighting back against forces of injustice with acts of selfless love.  And she hopes that those that find something in her shop will wear or display her art on behalf of hope, and on behalf of the people who will receive hope through the proceeds of her shop.

Here are some of the wonderful pieces in  her shop but check it out for yourself and maybe you will find something you like...and your purchase will help someone less fortunate than you.

This first one happens to be my personal favorite...but all of them are beautiful!
We Are Reaching for the Skies

Upendo Means Love

The Morning Will Be On the Other Side

Orphan Care- Bracelet

For more information about Karen and On Behalf Of check out her blog at:  http://artonbehalfof.blogspot.com/

Sunday, April 10, 2011

BESTeam Feature - Blue & White Wear

This week's BESTeam feature is on a great little shop called Blue White Wear  which creates jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) with an oriental touch! A modern version of East meets West. Unique jewelry for unique women.

The owner was born and raised in upstate NY, and lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 years.  And is now currently on her newest adventure living in Santiago, Chile with her husband.  She is crazy about the Chinese blue and white beads and has loved creating necklaces and bracelets mixing them with other materials to create beautiful jewelry with an oriental flair.

Here are a few of her pieces with the blue and white beads she loves so much...plus some adorable Chinese jacket earrings.

White Disc Necklace

Pearls and Porcelain Necklace

Rectangular Chinese Character Earrings

Rectangular Chinese Character Earrings
 And here are just some things that caught my eye...but you should check out her shop for yourself...I am sure you will find something that catches your eye too!

Western Cowboy Themed Wine Charms

Key Pendant
 You can find out more about her by follow her blog at:  http://bluewhitewear.blogspot.com

Thursday, April 7, 2011

BESTeam Feature - Fluttering Flowers

Ugghhh...I woke up feeling yucky...it seems I am sick again!  Will spring ever get here?!?  Skies are dark and cloudy here today....but lets hope it will just be rain and not more snow!

This week I have the pleasure of featuring an adorable little shop Fluttering Flowers.  A shop full of little clay creations such as buttons, terrarium sets and plant sticks. 

Deborah is the artist behind Fluttering Flowers  adorable creations!!  Her love for clay began as a little girl when her grandmother took her to a craft store and purchased small squares of extremely hard clay called FIMO.  Then they went home and her grandmother taught her how to make a basic candy cane...and Deborah was hooked on the magic of creating!

Here are just a few of the amazing things at Fluttering Flowers.  You will want to check it out for yourself so you can see all the amazing creations for yourself.

Rainbow Bunny Year of the Rabbit FIMO and Sculpey
Small Fairy Door Pin FIMO and Sculpey

Small Orange Toadstool Scene FIMO and Sculpey

4 Red Mushroom Toadstool Buttons for embellishing craft project or scrapbooking FIMO and Sculpey

Blue Octopus with White spots FIMO and Sculpey

Please stop by her Blog and say Hello!

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