Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BESTeam Feature - On Behalf Of

This week's feature is on a very special shop run by a very special person, Kate. 

Kate loves seeing the world through her own eyes, and she would rather live for others than live for herself.  She believes our world system has enabled a small percent of us to live richly, lacking nothing, while the majority of beautiful people lack even the basic necessities in life. She regrets and is sorry that she is a part of the priveleged minority... but her heart and the aim of her life is to do what she can in fighting this injustice, and helping those in her society to see that. Now that she has seen these injustices, she feel responsible to do something about it.   And this is her way of helping even out the odds of the injustices in our world.
Ninety percent of the proceeds from each item in her shop goes to to providing clean water in developing countries; to free modern day slaves; to care for orphans, or provide medical help to those with HIV. This shop was created on behalf of them.

She believes in using beauty to fight back against the ugliness in our world, and fighting back against forces of injustice with acts of selfless love.  And she hopes that those that find something in her shop will wear or display her art on behalf of hope, and on behalf of the people who will receive hope through the proceeds of her shop.

Here are some of the wonderful pieces in  her shop but check it out for yourself and maybe you will find something you like...and your purchase will help someone less fortunate than you.

This first one happens to be my personal favorite...but all of them are beautiful!
We Are Reaching for the Skies

Upendo Means Love

The Morning Will Be On the Other Side

Orphan Care- Bracelet

For more information about Karen and On Behalf Of check out her blog at:

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