Thursday, December 3, 2009

Has been awhile (again) since I posted...just can't seem to get the hang of this "posting regularly" thing :-)

Anyway....let's see....

Been doing lots of dog sitting for my 7 Jack Russels...scarily they don't stress me out so much anymore...I think I have been watching them so much lately that it just seems normal?!?! 

7 Jack Russells should never become a normal thing!!!

And then have also been doing lots of driving and teenager sitting for Izzy.  Her mom had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove a brain aneurism so has been out of commission for a bit...and probably will be through Christmas as well.  But thank God, she is doing well and recovering quickly! 

So with all this work stuff, sadly I have not had all that much time for knitting or soap making.  I did participate in 3 swaps (HP Crafters, Reducio, and Washcloths & Soap Swap) and was even able to use one of the items I made for one of my swapees as a class in HPKCHP plus managed to finish my O.W.L. for this term as well.  The House Cup has ended for this term...and we will have a little break before the next term....hopefully I will be able to be more productive for this next term.

This is my HP Crafters Swap package that I recieved.
The first one is the entire package...the 2nd photo is a close up of all the knitted cute!!

And this is a picture of the Reducio Swap #8 package that I recieved.

The swaps are great fun...I really enjoy participating in them.  Unfortunately, this round I was just way too stress and then was sick over Thanksgiving to fully enjoy it...but turned out ok.  And my spoilees seemed to enjoy their packages that I sent all was not bad :-)

And the BESTEST NEWS is that I got a kitten for my birthday!!!!

This is Spencer (and Izzy) the Birthday Kitten!!!