Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's been awhile....and Welcomings!!

Gee wiz...time goes by!!!  It has been months and months...ok, more like a year and a half since I last posted a blog entry!!  Thanks to a friend who needed some help with his blog, I logged on today to fiddle with mine in order to try and help him with his.  I forgot how much I liked my blog....even if it is the ramblings of my so-called-life.

So what have I been up to you ask?? 

Well, let's see....

My dog of 15+ years, Brandon, passed away back in September 2012.  I had gotten him when he was 8 weeks old and had watched him grow up and then grow old...which is the worst part of owning a pet.  But he and I shared many great years and he was my constant companion.  This was the first time in my adult life I was without a dog.  I felt lost!  Even though I have other pets, having a dog is just different.  I lasted all of about 3 weeks before I started looking for another furry canine friend and by chance the first puppy I inquired about on became mine at the end of October 2012.

Picking Sawyer up from his transport truck from Tennessee

What else....

I went from having 2 little having 4...then 6 six ferrets!!  Sammie and Stevie were so much fun I started thinking what would it be like having more than 2 ferrets?  And then one day I just couldn't help myself while at the pet store and I made the mistake of asking about the ferret that was there for sale....and then I continued with 'Can I hold him??"  Which of course, once I held him and played with him for awhile there was no way I could just walk away and not bring him home with me! 

Home from the store and straight into the bath!

Come to find out...ferrets are a lot like potato can't have just one!! Or three, as the case may be....

My fourth ferret, was the result of another type of mistake.  Sitting home, with nothing to do, often leads me to be on the internet searching sites like or Craigslist...never a good idea!  And wouldn't you know it...there just happened to be a really cute ferret looking for a new home and he was only about an hour away from me!  Searching these sites is ok...and most of the time I can just look and admire the cute little faces and pray that they find their forever home.  But SOMETIMES that just isn't enough.  This happened to be one of those times... I sent an email to see if Milo was still looking for a home.  And as fate would have it, the woman replied saying that someone else has already said they would like him and that they would be coming that particular weekend to see him and pick him up.  Phew...dodged that bullet!!  But lo, and behold, the story wasn't over yet...  A couple days went by and I got an email from the owner of Milo saying that the people that were interested in him never showed up and so he was still available if I was interested.  Well, I couldn't say no to that.  So I made the hour drive to go see him....and of course, again after I held him and played with him for awhile, he came home with me!

Checking out the new toys at his new home!

You would think, I would learn from mistakes such as these...but these same mistakes keep happening!  (Yes, I am a slow learner!!) 
This last time was a double whammy!!  I was going about my day, visiting my pet sitting clients and just as I was finishing my morning visits, I got to thinking that "Gee, I haven't been to Petco in a long time" (which is probably a good thing) but I had some time to kill and before I could change my mind, my car was already headed in the direction of Petco.  Not really sure what I was looking for that particular day...but of course I couldn't not go by and visit all the animals that were there for sale....and especially the ferrets (?!?!?!).  Big mistake!!  There in the small cage were 2 of the cutest ferrets that had obviously been there for awhile.  They were so much bigger than the usual little ones that you see at the pet store.  It turns out these 2 boys had been at the store for 5 months!!  And the longer they stayed...and the bigger they got...they kept getting looked over cause more baby ferrets would come in and the little one would get picked over the big guys!  And again, I just had to hold them(!?!?)  And once I saw them, and held them...I couldn't stop thinking of them.  I did manage to walk out of the store because I wasn't exactly prepared at the time as it was a spur of the moment decision to go to the store that day.

I went about my day and finished my jobs...but the faces of the two little (not so little) boys I couldn't get out of my head.  By the afternoon, I was headed back to the store with a crate and money to purchase those little guys!

First day home, baths and now going to join the rest of the
ferret kids playing outside on the deck. has been a busy year and a half!!  :-)  Well, that is what has been going on since my last blog entry...let's  hope I don't have anymore 'accidents' before I post again....