Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BesTeam Feature - Nevita

As a knitter myself, I am enjoying browsing Nevita's shop on Etsy.

Nevita's shop is full of handmade knit scarves, shrugs, neck cowls, handcrafted fiber necklaces and hand stitched gobelin tapestries.

Nevita is a mother of a little girl who she enjoys spending time with.  She loves watching her grow and laugh. Which gives her lots of positive energy and faith in her etsy shop. She believes in her creations and their ability to symbolize how precious and beautiful life is.

She learned to knit and make gobelin tapestry, when she was a child.  During school vacations, she went to her grandparent's home, where her grandmother thought her different handmade crafts, such as knitting, crocheting, sewing and others things. Throughout the years, she ended up focusing on knitting and gobelin tapestry, and found that she enjoyed these crafts the most. It was originally a hobby, and after her daughter's birth she decided she wanted to share the products of her passion with people around the world.

Fall is in the air and the leaves are starting to turn and I just couldn't help but notice her Halloween Set.
Halloween Set - Cable Fingerless Gloves and Hat

Some other items that caught my eye in Nevita's shop

Cable Knit Shrug
Cable Knit Beanie & Fingerless Mitts
Crochet Ball Earrings
So many great knitted and crocheted items you have to check out her shop to see them all!
But we are not finished yet...she also has some great Tapestry Gobelin which are beautiful!

The gobelin "art industry" it was founded in the middle of 15th century by Jean Gobelin . A tapestry works started by two Flemish weavers , Marc de Comans and Francois de la Planche , called to France by Henri IV in 1601 , was later added . In 1662 , Louis XIV purchased the Tapestries manufactory and there Colbert united all the royal craftsmen , creating a royal art furniture works . Charles Le Brun was director and chief designer from 1663 to 1690 . Between 1694 to 1697 The royal art furniture's tapestries was temporarily closed . Beyond 1820 The royal art furniture's resurrect to the manufactory of Beauvais. After World War II they were returned to Gobelin . In the 20th century , after a long period of regress , the old tapestry art again through a spectacular turning point in its evolution being present as a decorative element in painting art , jewellery baskets , ornament pillows , framed in fancy works.

Woman and Tiger
As a horse lover I couldn't pass this one up either!

Running Horses

Here's where else to find more of Nevita!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BesTeam Feature - CutesyBootsie

I am honored to feature this week Cutesy Bootsie who was kind enough to do an extra feature for me a couple weeks back because I hadn't been featured that week!  She is also a fellow animal lover and a knitter...both of which are big parts of my life too!

Brook is originally from Minnesota but has been living in sunny South Florida.  She is an animal lover and lives with her rescue animals - dog, George Bailey and two cats, Opie and Jewels.   And she has changed careers from corporate climber to teaching urban middle schoolers how to read, write and speak.

Her shop has hand knitted items, most designs are from her own imagination, and use only the finest fibers.  And as a fellow knitter I can't help but appreciate some of her great items!  As the weather starts getting cooler in my neck of the woods and I look forward to Autumn these items from Brook's shop caught my eye.

Chocolate Brown Cowl Infinity Scarf

Green Camo Beanie

Punkin Pumpkin Baby Hat

Long Red Chunky Skinny Ribbed Scarf

Check out CutesyBootsie on Etsy to see more of her hand knit items.
Or check out her blog at http://www.cutesybootsie.com/

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BesTeam Feature - Danizabeth

Danielle graduated with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Management.  She currently works for a local newspaper as a Graphic Designer.

Some of the fun facts she shares on her new blog is that she is a huge music lover and a hopelessly dedicated Cubs fan!  And has a dream of opening a bakery one day.  To find out more fun facts and quirks about Danielle check out her blog at http://danziabeth.blogspot.com/

She loves creating and has dabbled in various mediums but has found photography to be what she is passionate about.  Her etsy shop, Danizabeth (which is a combination of her first and middle name), is full of nostalgic and retro photos of vintage autos and other ecletic photographs.

These are just some of my favorites from Danielle's shop.
Pink and Pearls

Sing the Blues Series4
Classic Car Christmas

And barns and covered bridges are some of my favorite things I couldn't help noticing her photographs that included both of these things :-)
Mount Ayr

Red Covered Bridge

To see more great photographs check out Danizabeth on Etsy.

And to check out more fun facts and quirks about Danielle Elizabeth (like "What would she name a cat if she ever got one?" or "What is one of her fears?") visit her blog at Danizabeth .

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BesTeam Feature - ck silver

A mother and daughter team,Cindy and Marilyn, love creating classic pieces of jewelry that you will be proud to wear anytime and anywhere.  Both mother and daughter love creating from the beauty of nature and the amazing richness of God's creation all around us. Primarily focusing on colors found in earth and ocean.

 I love silver jewelry...so this is a very dangerous shop to feature :-)  But there are so many beautiful items you are bound to find something too!  This is my absolute fav...and you might have to beat me to it if you want one too.

.Cross Cell Phone Lanyard
As much as I love summer, I am looking forward to fall and these pieces from ck silver would be great to go with your fall favorites.

Autumn Wind Sterling Silver Earrings

Sweet Ballerina Sterling Silver Earrings

And anything with "chocolate" in the name always catches my eye!  These earrings have such wonderful shades of chocolate in them!

Chocolate Dream Jasper and Sterling Silver Earrings

But as well as beautiful fall items, they have some great pieces in my favorite color blue!

Found At Sea Sterling Silver Neclace

Classic Blue Earrings in Silver

Blue Summer Ice Sterling Silver Earrings

Now I just need to resist from buying all of these great pieces!!

To see more of Cindy and Marilyn's beautiful creations check out there shop on etsy
You can also follow them on their blog

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Rory!

I have been meaning to post about my newest addition...but as usual life gets in the way of my good intentions.

I was thinking I needed (wanted...whatever) a new pet and was thinking about what I would get when a friend of a friend out of the blue offered me a cockatiel that he had found.  He already had a couple of birds and this one was just one more than he wanted.  As I was caught a little off guard by the offer I was apparently less than enthusiastic about his offer....but I did say yes, after checking with "the powers that be" to make sure that it was ok if I said yes to this offer of a new pet.  And so then I waited patiently for the guy to drop off my new bird....

WELL, he never did drop him off....he thought I wasn't excited enough about it...cause I didn't jump up and down when he offered it (because I had to check with my roommate first!!!)  I was quite aggravated cause I had already been imagining life with my new feathered friend :-(

So anyway...I said the heck with that....and set off to find my own bird!!  I was doing lots of research online about different birds.  My parents had an African Grey, a Sun Conure and a couple cockatiels so I had some experience and ideas about what I wanted.  I was (am) leaning towards getting an African Grey but in my research about African Greys I stumbled upon Pacific Parrotlets.....and well I fell in love!!  And considering this was sort of a spur of the moment decision, they were also a little more in my price range for the moment.  (I haven't given up on the African Grey yet...but that may take a little more planning and persuading!)

So this is Rory (yes, named after Rory of Gilmore Girls), my blue Pacific Parrotlet.  She is from Birdie Brains Aviary .  She was hatched March 28, 2010...and she came home to me on August 16th, 2010....and I am in love with her!!
Rory - picture from breeder's site

She has been quite good...and is adjusting well.  She is very fun to hang out with and makes me laugh with her little antics!

Here are a few more pics of her the first few days she was home.

Checking out her cage

Just hanging out

I hope to have more pictures soon...I get so excited to hang out with her that I tend to forget to bring the camera :-)  She is so much fun that I am already thinking about getting another...