Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Rory!

I have been meaning to post about my newest addition...but as usual life gets in the way of my good intentions.

I was thinking I needed (wanted...whatever) a new pet and was thinking about what I would get when a friend of a friend out of the blue offered me a cockatiel that he had found.  He already had a couple of birds and this one was just one more than he wanted.  As I was caught a little off guard by the offer I was apparently less than enthusiastic about his offer....but I did say yes, after checking with "the powers that be" to make sure that it was ok if I said yes to this offer of a new pet.  And so then I waited patiently for the guy to drop off my new bird....

WELL, he never did drop him off....he thought I wasn't excited enough about it...cause I didn't jump up and down when he offered it (because I had to check with my roommate first!!!)  I was quite aggravated cause I had already been imagining life with my new feathered friend :-(

So anyway...I said the heck with that....and set off to find my own bird!!  I was doing lots of research online about different birds.  My parents had an African Grey, a Sun Conure and a couple cockatiels so I had some experience and ideas about what I wanted.  I was (am) leaning towards getting an African Grey but in my research about African Greys I stumbled upon Pacific Parrotlets.....and well I fell in love!!  And considering this was sort of a spur of the moment decision, they were also a little more in my price range for the moment.  (I haven't given up on the African Grey yet...but that may take a little more planning and persuading!)

So this is Rory (yes, named after Rory of Gilmore Girls), my blue Pacific Parrotlet.  She is from Birdie Brains Aviary .  She was hatched March 28, 2010...and she came home to me on August 16th, 2010....and I am in love with her!!
Rory - picture from breeder's site

She has been quite good...and is adjusting well.  She is very fun to hang out with and makes me laugh with her little antics!

Here are a few more pics of her the first few days she was home.

Checking out her cage

Just hanging out

I hope to have more pictures soon...I get so excited to hang out with her that I tend to forget to bring the camera :-)  She is so much fun that I am already thinking about getting another...

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  1. She´s very cute! And I think she will like it when you get her a partner :)


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