Thursday, April 7, 2011

BESTeam Feature - Fluttering Flowers

Ugghhh...I woke up feeling seems I am sick again!  Will spring ever get here?!?  Skies are dark and cloudy here today....but lets hope it will just be rain and not more snow!

This week I have the pleasure of featuring an adorable little shop Fluttering Flowers.  A shop full of little clay creations such as buttons, terrarium sets and plant sticks. 

Deborah is the artist behind Fluttering Flowers  adorable creations!!  Her love for clay began as a little girl when her grandmother took her to a craft store and purchased small squares of extremely hard clay called FIMO.  Then they went home and her grandmother taught her how to make a basic candy cane...and Deborah was hooked on the magic of creating!

Here are just a few of the amazing things at Fluttering Flowers.  You will want to check it out for yourself so you can see all the amazing creations for yourself.

Rainbow Bunny Year of the Rabbit FIMO and Sculpey
Small Fairy Door Pin FIMO and Sculpey

Small Orange Toadstool Scene FIMO and Sculpey

4 Red Mushroom Toadstool Buttons for embellishing craft project or scrapbooking FIMO and Sculpey

Blue Octopus with White spots FIMO and Sculpey

Please stop by her Blog and say Hello!

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