Monday, August 24, 2009

Relaxing day....

Today has been a relaxing day. I have had the entire day off. Which is good...and bad. I have recently been very busy with lots of pet sitting jobs...the end of summer rush for people to get in those last vacations before the summer is over and kids go back to school and everyone gets back into a regualr I am enjoying having a quiet day of just doing what I need to do and not having to worry about everyone else's animals. But on the other hand...I have just had to buy a new car (R.I.P my little Jeep Wrangler!) so I have the fear of "looming car payments" hanging over my head shouldn't be so happy about a day off. Course since I don't even have the new car yet...I guess I will just enjoy a slow day while I can. (Can't wait to get my brand new Nissan Rogue!!!)

I have spent most of the morning putting together a little package for a swap that I took part of back in June. The swap was from the Harry Potter Crafters group on was supposed to be done in June (which my original swap package was) but there was one woman from the group who's package seems to have gotten lost in the Canadian Postal Service so the group moderator has decided to try and put together another "angel" package for this person since no one seems to know WHEN or IF her original package will ever arrive. So yesterday I got a message asking if I would like to help out with this...which I jumped on since I had nothing else going on (and no car to go anywhere).
And this adorable owl was part of my package...being part of the Harry Potter Crafters...this would be Pigwidgeon: the wee tiny owl ...which if you are a Harry Potter fan, you would know Pigwidgeon (also known as "Pig") is Ron Weasley's pet owl. I also included a Golden Snitch washcloth, 3 bars of Ghirdelli chocolate bars and some of my handmade soaps. You can check out my website at to see more of my soaps.
All and all my day has been kind of with a blog, I have yet one other thing to keep me glued to my computer...

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