Sunday, September 6, 2009

It has been awhile since I lasted posted...

Let's see...I have been busy doing a lot of pet sitting this past week.  People are trying to get in those last little get aways before school starts and everyone gets back to a more normal routine.  And I have managed to enjoy some of these beautiful fall like days we have had this past week.  I seem to especially notice this while walking some of my client's dogs on the back roads of New Caanan, CT.  There isn't too much traffic going by and you can just listen to the birds singing and the sounds of squirrels and other little animals busily working on storing up for winter.  And of course I enjoy the antics of the dogs I am walking as well.  Particularly a little black Pug named Benny.  He enjoys rolling in lush patches of green grass so if I am not paying attention sometimes I don't notice he has stopped walking to have a good roll til I start dragging him...which always makes me laugh cause he seems to think this is an added extra benefit of rolling.

I have also spent time this week when I am not walking dogs or driving to different client's homes, putting together some sample packages of my soaps that I am doing for a promotional site that asked me to participate in their "Out of the Box Sampler" program.  They help promote small business by sending out boxes with samples from different small business.  I decided it couldn't hurt to give it a shot.  I agreed to send some samples for October's boxes and maybe I will sign up to send some more for November and December.  It would definitely be a good time of year to participate with the holidays coming up.  Plus it gives me an excuse to make more soap!

These are a couple of the ones I made up today.

I also rebatched some soap that seized up on me a couple of weeks ago...was supposed to be a banana scented soap....that turned into a mess!  This is the first attempt...pretty ugly!!  Let see what happens with the rebatch.

Thankfully I had set aside a portion of this batch because originally I was going to layer it sort of like a "banana cream pie" look...which never happened cause of the seize that happened to the first part of the plan (pic above)...but I was able to scent these star mold soaps with some banana fragrance oil and they came out heavenly!  They are currently sitting on the counter in my kitchen curing and so whenever I am cooking or in the kitchen I usually spend some time just smelling them :-)  YUMMY!!  And to be fair...the little flowers (blueberry) and beehive soaps (oats & honey) are equally yummy!

I also spent some time filling an order for buttercream flavored lip balms for someone in my church who ordered a bunch of them....unfortunately, I have already given them to her so I don't have any pictures to share.  But they turned out great as well.

I will posted pictures of the rebatch when I unmold it and slice it...keep your fingers crossed that it turned out well...

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