Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What is blog worthy on this rainy (SHOCKING!) Tuesday in CT??  Well, I have to admit...not much!  I am enjoying a morning with nothing really on my schedule.  Ok...well there could be plenty of things on my schedule but I have purposely ignored those things and have enjoyed an 'almost sleep -in'....I was awake at about 6:30am but besides getting up to let my old dog out so as not to have any accidents...I just got back into bed and decided to check out some of the 'cheap' books I downloaded yesterday to my Kindle.  I got sucked into a post on Facebook about "Summer Reads" for your Kindle and downloaded about six things...all of which were either free or under like $2.  And I have to admit, at least from the one book I decided on, that they are probably 'cheap' for a reason.

I was thinking "Summer Read" when I downloaded some of them...and since they weren't that expensive I figured it couldn't hurt to download a few things,that if I were in the book store I wouldn't probably buy, even though I would picked them up because the title caught my attention. Well, I think I have learned my lesson!  One of my choices was "Diary of a Mad Fat Girl" by Stephanie McAfee...which looks to be amusing, right?!? I have to admit that I was thinking of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who writes some entertaining knitting books ("Things I Learned from Knitting...whether I wanted to or not"  and "Knitting Rules!:  The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks") when I first saw the author's name....so that is really what I was expecting.

BUT this book "Diary of a Mad Fat Girl" is probably the worse book I have ever read!  And I haven't really even read it all...I think I have gotten to chapter 17 which is only because I was hoping it might get better...but I don't think it will.  I can read pretty much anything and there are only a few books that I have put down, saying "I can not read this!"  One of which was the first Harry Potter book....but that was just because it reminded me of a little girl I knew and it sounded like she was telling me a story) and I have since made up for that by reading the entire Harry Potter series many of times.  To me it just seems like ramblings of a crazy woman?!?  Which from the title may be what it is supposed to be...but still...it's a 'book'.  I tend to expect more from a 'book' than I would if I happened to just read something someone wrote for a paper or a blog or something.  I have wanted to be a writer all my life...and was kind of hoping that all of my 'reading' skills would just somehow be enough to make me able to sit down and write....but I know it doesn't!  I think this person maybe thought the same thing...and it didn't work in her case either!!

Ok...so if you were looking for a good 'summer read' to enjoy while lying on the beach or just hanging out...I would highly suggest crossing off "Diary of a Mad Fat Girl"!

So...maybe Tuesdays should be 'Train-Wreck Book Review Tuesdays"...or maybe not....??  Let's hope there are not too many of these books out there that are going to suck me into reading them because the title caught my eye!  I think I will keep my options open for Tuesdays....

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