Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lack of Adventures?

I guess I have been a little slack on keeping up with the "adventures" of my life :-) 

Things have been pretty uneventful because I have just been busy with work....which is good!  The end of summer ended up being quite busy for pet sitting jobs so I spent a lot of time just traveling from one doggy/kitty job to another.  But of course that means new customers and new doggy and kitty friends, which is always good.

Another 'term' of HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup) finished up during the summer. This is a group on Ravelry that I have now been a part of for 5 terms! This group has inspired me to try so many different projects that I probably never would have tried had it not been for the House Cup points :-)

Although this summer I was so unmotivated to do any knitting! It was just too darn hot! I have figured out that I am a 'fair weather knitter'.  So this was one of the first terms that I only did the minimum amount of projects needed.....and didn't even finish my proposed Care of Magical Creatures O.W.L.!  But I did manage to turn in a baby sweater and a few smaller items for some points for Hufflepuff.

The Mini House Sweaters were for swap partners....the 2nd mini Ravenclaw Sweater I made for myself cause just thought the first one was adorable....but then a call went out for an "Angel Package" (someone didn't get a package from there swap partner so "angel packages" are sent from others in the group so that the person doesn't get left out) and so off went my 2nd mini Ravenclaw sweater!  I must have made about 5 Ravenclaw sweaters and 3-4 Gryffindor sweaters in the last year or so....and still don't have any of my own!

Mini Ravenclaw Sweater

Mini Gryffindor Sweater

Mini Ravenclaw (#2)  Sweater

And this baby sweater is for a friend at church who had a baby boy in July...and well the sweater was a little late....

Baby Sweater for Baby Andrews at Church

So as far as knitting adventures went this summer....not so much...

But now it is fall and perfect weather to inspire my knitting....and another 'term' of HPKCHC has started and so there will be more updates as to what I have been working on....but first....I must take pics of them  :-)  

So stay tuned..... 

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