Monday, August 23, 2010

BesTeam Feature - Ardent Reverie

Ardent Reverie is a great shop of unique handmade accessories and more!  Ardent Reverie is run by two "crazy" sisters working like crazy in their tiny room to create unique handmade items.

They love creating new things that inspire them, so that they can share them with us.

You will find many beautiful hair accessories:

.Dandelion Fields Forever Clip
Lotus and Potpourri Feather Headband
Bella Moss Feather Clip
As well as some beautiful hand crochet items such as the L'amour Beanie and the Frill Scarf, both of which come in various colors.
L'amour Beanie
Frill Scarf
There is even some great original paintings.

Lunch for the Hummingbirds
Blue Flowers

To see more of the creations from these "2 crazy sisters" visit there shop at

Or check out their blog at

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  1. Having worked with feathers, I admire anyone who can use them artistically! I love those feather accessories!


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