Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Team Feature / Bits n' Beads by Gilliauna

Bits n' Beads by Gilliauna is where color and quality is what they are all about!

Gilliauna specializes in unique, handmade artisan jewelry and accessories with an emphasis on color and quality including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purse charms, eyeglass chains, zipper pulls, lanyards, rosaries and more.

Gilliauna is a US citizen that lives and works over the border in British Columbia, Canada. Enjoying many different crafts but with an emphasis in designing colorful, quality jewelry.  Gilliauna has over 20 years of experience in jewelry design and sells items in many different crafting venues including on Etsy, Artfire, 1000Markets, DaWanda and Zibbet.

At Bits n Beads, they strive to help add a little extra color to your life and make each of your days just a little brighter with a variety of beautiful, quality pieces lovingly crafted by hand to be enjoyed for many years to come. Perfect whether you're looking a gift for yourself or for someone else!

Some of my personal favorites are the Exilir of Raindrops in Gold earrings, which caught my attention right off because they are such a pretty shade of blue!! The Poseidon's Daughter bracelet is so simple and sweet with just enough color.  And Metamorphose, the perfect accent whether you want to dress up a casual outfit or create a focal accent on an elegant ensemble.
Blue Teardrop Wire Wrapped Earrings
Exilir of Raindrops in Gold
  Handmade Mother of Pearl, Coral and Gemstone Bracelet
Poseidon's Daughter
Handmade Gemstone Cluster Bracelet - Metamorphose

To see more of Gilliauna you can visit or at 
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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! *Smile*

    - Gilliauna

  2. Those Elixir earrings are awesome!

  3. A great feature. welcome to the besteam. that posidens daughter bracelet is cool.


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