Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer is apparently here.....

Oh my!  I just made the mistake of going outside to mail some packages off...and as I was getting out of my car at the post office the radio announcer was saying that it was 104 degrees out!!  As if I didn't have a clue...since I wasn't able to actually touch my steering wheel because it was so hot....makes driving a little tricky....

The other day I spent making some earrings...which I actually really like.  For some reason I really like the 'cube' and 'square' beads....but these are in soft pastel colors and feel summery.

 And I made these fun stitch markers as well....and as I seem to have a Hogwarts addiction...these actually could be Hogwart-ish as well...I didn't really mean it but they do include the house colors :-)

And these are some 'scrubby soaps' I made yesterday.  One is a brown sugar scrub soap...and smells like brown sugar...YUMMY!  The other is a cornmeal scrub soap...which is scented with Lavender and Litsea Cubea...which is a great citrusy/lavender smell.  But as I was making them...I mixed the cornmeal in with hot soap to make that first 'scrubby' side...and "Oh Yumminess!!!"...it smelled just like cornbread :-)  Go figure?!  So I am kind of hoping that when I use it I might still get that cornbread smell too!

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  1. Love the earings! I bet the soap is lovely to use. I'm visiting with everything etsy, and I love to have you visit me too!


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