Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beautiful Fall!

I have been meaning to add a post mentioning how beautiful it has been this fall!  I keep finding myself saying "oh, how pretty!" while driving around during the day.  I can't imagine living in an area where the leaves don't change in the fall.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  All seasons have there moments when things are so pretty...but for me I think fall is the best.  And this year in particular, I think the colors have been great.  I spend lots of time driving around...whethter it is going to different houses to take care of animals or driving around my friend's daughter, who I usually take to school and pick her up, as well as take her to the barn.  So I spend lots of time in the car.  And I am sure Isobel is tired of hearing me say, "oh, how pretty!"  Even on rainy days (which we have had plenty of) the colors are so vibrant....lots of reds, yellows and oranges...and even pink!  Yesterday, while driving to the barn, on a couple of the little back roads that we go on, there were these bushes (have no idea what they are) but about 4 or 5' high and quite a lot of them (at least on one particular road) that I couldn't help notice the pinkness of both sides of the pretty! :-) 

I love to drive on little roads where the tree branches over hang the road so that it feels like you are driving in a tunnel of color....always makes me smile.  And to be fair, I enjoy it just as much in the spring time...after a long winter of bare tree branches, when the leaves start coming out and filling is a tunnel of green-ness and shade.  And then there are the trees that are in the process of turning...where some of the leaves are still green and some are turning yellow and some orange...such pretty blending of the colors.  You can't help but think that God is such a wonderful artist with all these colors around :-)

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