Thursday, December 8, 2011

Colors! Colors!!

I love this time of the year for many reasons.  But one of my favorite things to do is drive around looking at all the colorful lights and decorations every where.  So many different ways that people decorate....some have all white lights; some have a 'color' theme; some a few 'choice' pieces and then there are the people that go all out and it looks like Christmas exploded all over their yard!

With that being said as I started researching for my BESTeam feature this week, I think I was still thinking about all the pretty colors and lights!

First up, is Empty On the Inside with this colorful String of Lights card, which of course, is 'empty on the inside', that reminds us all of years gone by, way before those tiny little Christmas tree lights we have now, when all we had was these strings of lights with big bulbs that came in red, blue, yellow, orange and green.  And although they may not have looked as refined as our Christmas lights are today...they made a very happy and colorful looking Christmas tree!

Christmas Lights, Blank Christmas Card, Colored Lights, String of Lights, Holiday
Next, the way the light catches in this Dragon's Tear Drop crystal from Poison Garden, caught my eye, as I imagined the way it would catch the lights from a Christmas tree or Christmas Light display.

Dragon's Tear Large Multicolored Glass Crystal Style Pendant or Suncatcher

Blue and White Wear has some amazing blue and white things, as well as some other surprisingly colorful items!  Four funky colorful discs are strung with silver toned spacers as a horizontal pendant. The colors caught the eye of the artist and creator behind Blue and White Wear in a market in Peru, so she bought them and came up with this great pendant!

Olive, Burnt Orange, Fuschia, Deep Blue Necklace

And lastly, Knitful Dezigns, has this adorable and colorful caterpillar!  Such a cute little stuffed toy and such happy colors, it will make kids of all ages smile!

Charlie the colorful caterpillar

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  1. Oh wow - what a great collection for my card to be in! The crystal is stunning; love chunkiness and colors of the bracelet and the adorable caterpillar. Thanks, Sandy!

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  2. Great feature -- Love the greeting cards with the lights -- and the pendant is lovely.

  3. great the colors of Christmas.
    - ourhometoyours

  4. What a colorful feature <3 I love this so much!!! Thank you so much :)I love all the finds :) YAY thank youu


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