Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BESTeam Feature - TiLT Creations

This week's BESTeam Feature is on TiLT Creations , which is run by Theresa.  Theresa is a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys, ages 16 and 6.  She sews and creates in order to keep sane and makes her family quite happy in the process.  She creates whenever possible....and with whatever she has around.  Fabric, paint, pencils, embroidery thread and even clay...they are all fair game when Theresa creates!  They may not all come out as she planned but she has fun in the process. 

Theresa sounds like my kind of gal!  I, too, tend to try whatever it is that has caught my eye when it comes to crafting....knitting, crocheting, soapmaking, jewelry making, drawing, painting, sewing, playing with clay....somethings come out better than others...but I have fun doing them all :-)

Ok...while researching her shop for this feature....I just couldn't help I had to buy this...sorry, I saw it first! :-)
Brown and Pink Rose Oval Fabric Basket
But she has other that are cool too (course if you don't hurry I may buy them as well....)

Blue Floral Oval Fabric Basket

Blue Atomic Space Cadet Oval Fabric Basket

And here are some other things that caught my eye....

I love these cheerful...

Bubblegum Pink Circle Reverse Applique 16 inch Pillow Cover Duo

Yellow Reverse Applique Diamond Argyle 14 inch Pillow Cover
 And this bag I imagine holding lots and lots of yarn!
Large Hand Painted Tote in Tropical Iota Pebbles with Pink and Green
 If I were a clutch carrying type of woman...I would also want this!  Love the pink and browns together!
Becki Clutch in Mauve Butterfly Garden Wall
 She also has many embroidered designs in hoops...this one was my favorite.
Hand Embroidered Purple Rose Duo in 8 inch Hoop

Visit Theresa's second shop Tilt Too here on Etsy for some supply destashing.

You can find out more about her on her blogs:

Come visit her on flickr

Twitter her at:

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