Thursday, December 2, 2010

BESTeam Feature - Little Peach Fuzz

Little Peach Fuzz is the creation of Rachel, who is a newly wed (married less than a year...still counts!) and a fairly new crafter.  She has drawn for many years and is currently teaching herself to knit (as a self taught knitter myself, I love hearing about other knitting adventures!).  She also started making jewelry because of her little sister, who seems to love the idea of having Rachel at her disposal :-)  With that being said, Rachel actually really enjoys making jewelry and it has become one of the calming things in her life at the moment.

With the holidays upon us I couldn't help but pick out some festive holiday items from her shop.

Felt Flower Hair Clip - Red Green White Christmas Festive

Button Dangle Earrings - Baby Blue Pink Shiny Metallic

Felt Christmas Pinwheel Hair Pin - Red Green Holidays Festive

And here a just some other things that caught my eye.

Nesting Bird Necklace - Metal Charm Glass Bead Red Orange

Crocheted Beaded Necklace - Green Peacock Colored

Felt Flower Headband - Bright Pink Blue Dark Purple Fascinator

To see more of Little Peach Fuzz's great items check out her shop at

Or check out her blog at

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