Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ok...Things Have Got to Change

OK....Now that I remembered how to log in to my blog (always helpful...geez!!!!)  I will try yet again to  be better with posting.

Instead of trying to catch up on what has happened since I last posted....I will just start with today...and maybe at some point I will get caught up (no guarantees!)

This adorable looking may remember is the "Birthday Kitten" that I had mentioned way now almost a year old (I think July/Aug she will be a year)...anyway...this adorable little monster is resting peacefully in my closet (don't ask, she likes it in there....she is a weirdo!) this morning after bouncing off the walls all freakin' night!!!!  Finally at 4 a.m. I gave up trying to sleep in my room and shut her in the room by herself and my dog and I went to sleep out in the living room!  Let's hope I get more sleep tonight....

Ok enough up the cute little fuzz ball...

This week I have spent lots of time making fun stitch markers to add to my etsy shop.
These ones are Hogwarts House colored ones:

And my favorite Hogwarts ones are....Dumbledore's Lemon Drops :-)

There are more....but will go slow....will post more later.....

Also I have been reading Bon Courage - Rediscovering the Art of Living in the Heart of France by Ken McAdams, who happens to be a member of my church, Stamford Church of Christ.  It has been a good read so is kind of weird to read about someone that you gives the book a whole new perspective.

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